Shelley Aragoncillo

Shelley is an intern at the Keystone Research Center. She’s currently earning her Bachelor's degree of Political Science at Temple University and plans to further her studies in the public policy field. Her time working with victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking in Philly and NJ has propelled issues like gender violence and gender (in)equality to the forefront of her policy focus, and she hopes to continue to advocate even further for victims and survivors in the future. Over the past couple of years Shelley has served as the Community Engagement Director for the Philadelphia chapter of Team Red, White, & Blue, a national nonprofit that supports veterans. She has recently stepped down from that position after becoming an elected Democratic Committee Person in her South Philly neighborhood, where you can find her canvassing or hanging out with her husband on their stoop during weekends. Shelley loves Ruth Bader Ginsburg, The Essential Feminist Reader, preferred pronouns, Di Bruno’s cheese, and her cat Penn (named after William Penn).