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Costly Voter ID Bill Now Before PA House

Update: The Pennsylvania House of Representatives approved the voter ID bill on March 14 and it was promptly signed into law by Governor Corbett. As the Associated Press reported: "In the signing ceremony at his Capitol offices, Corbett called the new law a preventive measure, but he could not offer examples of voter fraud to back up his contention that the crime has occurred in certain precincts in the past." Read more from the AP.

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives may vote as soon as today on legislation that would enact a costly voter identification law in the state.

Voter ID Law Costly to Taxpayers

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives is considering legislation that would require every citizen to present photo identification as a condition for voting in primary and general elections.

Many recently enacted voter ID laws have been subject to legal challenges, and states considering such laws are being proactive about including safeguards that eliminate impediments to a citizen's constitutional right to vote. But it doesn't come without cost.

In a recent policy brief, the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center applied the experiences of other states with voter ID laws to estimate the cost of implementing such a law in the Commonwealth. In order to meet the requirements set forth in the legislation and avoid potential litigation, PBPC estimates the first-year costs for a voter identification program of approximately $11 million.

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