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Morning Must Reads: Denying Poor Kids Health Care, Disenfranchising Voters and More Privatization

This morning’s news is decidedly unpleasant. The Philadelphia Daily News profiles a pacemaker-dependent child denied health care by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.

Morning Must Reads: Young Workers in the Great Recession, Gov. Targets Disabled and Pension Returns

The Philadelphia Inquirer has begun a series of reports on the impact of the Great Recession on young workers.  Here is a description of the series followed by a link to the first story in the series. Worth a read.

Morning Must Reads: Nowhere to Go and More Addicts on the Streets

Mark Price is taking today and Friday off from Morning Must Reads, so you're stuck with me.

First up, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports this morning on the impact of Governor Corbett's proposed budget cuts on the lives of people in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Who is getting hit? Adults with disabilities, the homeless, people with mental-health illnesses, HIV patients needing hospice care, children aging out of foster care, and seniors, among others.

Morning Must Reads: Governing Little or Just Governing Badly?

On Tuesday, The Nation ran a story profiling the changes in economic and social policy in the states following the 2010 election. (Wonky readers may also enjoy Konczal and Covert's short briefing paper on the same subject.)

Morning Must Reads: Remembering the Accounting Scandals, Bernanke vs. Plosser and Health Care Reform Art and Success!

The Harrisburg Patriot-News has a somewhat nostalgic look at the accounting scandal at the cable company Adelphia

In a study of contrasts, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia President Charles Plosser both gave speeches on Monday. Bernanke's talk focused sharply on the poor performance of the labor market while Plosser voiced again his concern that Central Banks have done too much to aid in the recovery.

Morning Must Reads: Good news in Pittsburgh and Chester County, Not So Much In Scranton

Since it is spring, how about some good news for a change! The budget gap faced by the Pittsburgh School District is smaller than expected thanks to unexpected revenue growth and a mild winter.

Morning Must Reads: Prediction: State Budget Cuts = Rising Property Taxes = Property Taxes Revolts

A toxic cocktail of state budget choices by the Corbett administration — which include holding in reserve more than half a billion in unexpected tax revenue, corporate tax cuts and a needlessly delayed and ultimately inadequate drilling fee — have slowed job growth and driven up property taxes. It is too early to know whether layoffs in 2012 will match the thousands experienced in 2011, but the news continues to trickle in that school districts are looking to raise property taxes and cut more staff in the year ahead.   

Morning Must Reads: Got Gas?, Foreclosures Up, and Layoffs in the Business of News

In petrochemical news this morning, Royal Dutch Shell choose Monaca Pennsylvania for a new cracker plant, there is still no buyer for Sunoco's Philadelphia and Marcus Hook refineries, and more from Paul Krugman on the job hype surrounding natural resource booms.

Morning Must Reads: Gas Booms in North Dakota and Pennsylvania and Art Is Good

Responding to the bizarre claims that if everybody moved to North Dakota we wouldn't have high unemployment, Paul Krugman on Wednesday compared North Dakota's energy boom to Pennsylvania's.

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