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Morning Must Reads: Monetary Policy Cage Match Duncan Black vs. Charles Plosser

The Associated Press this morning attributes Tuesday's drop in The Standard & Poor's 500 index and The Dow Jones Industrial Average to comments on current monetary policy by Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia President Charles Plosser. In The Philadelphia Inquirer, reporter Joseph DiStefano asks a good question:

Morning Must Reads: The Participation Trophy In Economic Development Ideas Goes To....

This morning Jane M. Von Bergen details an economic development program in Chattanooga, Tenn. that aims to offer ten $10,000 forgivable mortgages to people who know the computer programming languages Java, Perl, Python and/or Ruby. There is one catch: you have to move to Chattanooga!

Morning Must Reads: The Pennsylvania Senate Considers Payday Lending, Really?

Last week, the Pennsylvania Senate Banking and Insurance Committee held a hearing on payday lending. The testimony, time allotments and treatment of testifiers was biased in favor of the out-of-state companies seeking to permit the entry of storefront payday lenders in Pennsylvania by way of Senate passage of House Bill 2191.

Morning Must Reads: A Bittersweet Investment By Hershey

The Hershey Company today unveils plans for a new $300 million investment in a state of the art manufacturing facility here in the midstate. This is sweet news or, as David Wenner explains, bittersweet news.

Morning Must Reads: Occupy Wall Street A Year Later

While media attention may have been slow at the start of the Occupy Wall Street Movement a year ago, coverage of the first anniversary of the movement has not been.

As someone who has spent much of his very short career (9 years) writing about the alarming growth of inequality in this country, I view the greatest achievement of the Occupy Movement as focusing the country's attention on income inequality in a way that no individual writer or economist was ever able to do. As a result, the movement has shaped public debate and policy in a way that is incalculable but deeply valuable.

Morning Must Reads: Chicago Teachers On Strike and Job Trends by President

A Picket At Lane Tech in Chicago 09/10/2012With no agreement reached last night between Chicago's teachers union and the Chicago Public Schools, 25,000 teachers are on strike today in the Windy City.

Third and State This Week: A Jobs Update, More on State of Working PA & Public-Sector Job Losses Hit Women

This week at Third and State, we blogged about the State of Working Pennsylvania, the latest U.S. jobs report, the disproportionate number of women affected by public-sector job losses and much more.


  • On the State of Working Pennsylvania, Mark Price blogged that working and middle-class families have seen their incomes decline over the past decade and may end the next decade with less income from work than they started with in 2010.
  • On jobs and the economy, Mark Price blogged that while U.S. unemployment declined in August, the overall report is a disappointment, with more people dropping out of the labor force and growth in payrolls falling below the average for the year. Mark also highlighted what the national experts are saying about today's jobs report.
  • On women and the economy, Chris Lilienthal blogged about a new report finding that women are losing jobs in the economic recovery thanks to state and local cuts, especially to education and social services.
  • On state tax policy, Chris Lilienthal shared a Harrisburg Patriot-News editorial calling for an excise tax on cigars and smokeless tobacco, as a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that an increasing numbers of teens are smoking cigars and using smokeless tobacco.
  • On public welfare issues, Mark Price highlighted an Erie Times-News editorial that criticized a change in payroll systems made by the Department of Public Welfare that has delayed paychecks for workers who provide care to Pennsylvanians with disabilities.

More blog posts next week. Keep us bookmarked and join the conversation!

Midday Must Read: Time to Tax Cigars and Smokeless Tobacco

An editorial in the Harrisburg Patriot-News trumpets some good news on the public health care front: cigarette use among high school seniors has dropped since 2003. This is from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that also has some bad news: increasing numbers of teens are smoking cigars and using smokeless tobacco.

Morning Must Reads: DPW Payroll Processing Change Leaves Care Workers Without Paychecks

The Editorial Board of the Erie Times-News comes down hard on what appears to be a statewide problem with payroll processing for workers who provide care to Pennsylvanians with disabilities.

Morning Must Reads: The Cracker Plant Deal's Impact on Schools and Jobs for Women Lagging

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Brian O'Neill writes about the impact on local schools of a tax deal for Royal Dutch Shell to build a petrochemical plant along the Ohio River in southwestern Pennsylvania. The so-called cracker plant would take the place of a zinc smelting plant that is moving south. The tax deal for Shell will end up costing the Center Valley School District $275,000 in property tax revenue, even as the new facility and related growth are expected to bring in more students.

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