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What's in the Governor's 2014-15 Budget?

General Fund Spending: 2014-15 Executive BudgetGovernor Tom Corbett has proposed a 2014-15 state General Fund budget that would spend $29.4 billion, $927 million, or 3.3%, more than the current fiscal year.

Newt to Blame for the Obamacare Website (?) and the Closing of the Office of Technology Assessment

One of my standard phrases since I came to Pennsylvania in December 1995 to launch Keystone Research Center is that "Newt Gingrich eliminated my old job and created my new job."

An 'Early Success Story' of the Affordable Care Act But Not in PA

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The expansion of Medicaid health coverage is being called an “early success story” of the Affordable Care Act — but you won’t find any success stories here in Pennsylvania.

With Employer Health System Fraying, ACA Is More Important Than Ever

Our friends at the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) are out today with an interactive map showing how the 50 states stack up when it comes to employer-sponsored health insurance. With the nation’s employer-based health insurance system fraying rapidly in the past decade, the findings highlight just how important the Affordable Care Act is to many Americans.

Webinar: Latest on Healthy PA, Medicaid Expansion, and Health Insurance Marketplace

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Governor Tom Corbett has proposed the Healthy PA plan, which would take up an option under the Affordable Care Act to expand health coverage for low-income Pennsylvanians along with benefit cuts and other changes to the state's Medicaid program.

Watch the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center's latest webinar to learn more about the Governor's Healthy PA plan, what's at stake for hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians, and the latest on the Health Insurance Marketplace in Pennsylvania. Get more resources from the webinar, including a PDF of the presentation.

Ohio Moves Forward with Medicaid Expansion

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Ohio has decided to move forward with an expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. From The New York Times:

With Monday’s vote, Ohio became the 25th state plus the District of Columbia to expand Medicaid, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Nearly a dozen Republican governors have moved to do so, despite the efforts of Congressional Republicans to “defund” the health care law.

Center Launches Fall Webinar Series on Property Taxes, Health Care, More

In the spring, the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center rolled out a new way to keep people connected to what's happening in Harrisburg: a biweekly webinar series. After a summer break, we're back this month with a new series of webinars over the noontime hour. So pack your brown bag lunch and join us.

A Prolonged Shutdown Will Damage PA Economy

The Pennsylvania economy remains very weak with high unemployment and sluggish job growth so far this year. Federal policymakers are partly to blame for cutting funding to schools and other services and not doing enough to support investments that build a stronger economy.

Video: What the Affordable Care Act Means for PA

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Advocates and health care providers gathered at the State Capitol this week to explain how Pennsylvanians who are working but lack health insurance will be able to shop for and compare options for affordable coverage on a new competitive Health Insurance Marketplace established by the federal health care law.

'How LIfe Changing This Will Be for People Who Thought They Would Die Without Health Insurance'

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Susan Mull, a substitute teacher from LancasterSusan Mull of Lancaster County joined health care advocates and providers Monday to preview the opening of the Health Insurance Marketplace — the latest provision of the Affordable Care Act to take effect.

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